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Industry Quality Production

Instrumental Production

This is the main service offered by KaCe The Producer. KaCe has produced for many artists big and small throughout the music industry for over 7 years with quality experience from top professionals.


Finish that hit single with a hook or verse from KaCe. All hooks on instrumentals sold here are recorded and mixed by KaCe The Producer.

Audio Engineering

Can’t seem to get that “bang” in your track? Are those high’s not crisp enough? Our mixing & mastering services guarantee you will get the best quality out of your song and no more blown speakers.


“Corny Jokes” EP Released!

“Corny Jokes” EP Released!

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KaCe is excited to announce his first full project as an artist! Explore a world of love, lust, money, morals all while getting lost in the spacious melodies accompanied by harmonic support. Listen/Download for free and get lost in vast world of KaCe’s mind. Listen for free Download Full EP

Want It I Got It -BEAT-

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Buy 1 Get 3 Free!

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“KaCe is one of those producer’s that not only gives you grade A material, but the customer service is perfect. That’s what makes me keep coming back.”

- Corey J.

“I was looking for beats and producers to help me with my project for forever and the creative spark just wasn’t there. KaCe was the only one who understood my vision and helped to make it a reality.”

- Sherry B.

“No one else has beats like this. Period.”

- Avery T.